Ahad, 5 Julai 2009

Respect please!!!

Dear Tevez, iam on behalf of Man Utd supporters who seem very upset about the thing u've said recently. First u said this s**t here than today fuct us up with this s**t here . WTF!!! we wont hate u when u turn up to play against us with shitty blues??? think again mate.. well if u go over there and shut off yer mouth it would be a different story. but now u want to go over there and keep slating back at us and u want us to praising, singging for u like b4?? saying u didnt have much time to choose over shitty blues over the great MANCHESTER UNITED? what the stupido...we gave u 10 days and u said not enough?? its would take no more than 10 sec mate, to choose the great MANCHESTER UNITED over that shitty blues. It would be different if u have to choose between other big clubs such a Barca or Madrid.. huh.. please have some respect to whom was gave u the opportunity to won a silverwares ( 2 EPL , 1 Champo league, 1 Carling, 1 FIFA world club cup) in 2 years . Yet u said u were thrown out from the club becoz of Berbatov. Take a look at the fact mate .. you played 51 match and scored 10 with no assist while that Berba only played 43 games yet he scored 14 goals plus he is our top assist!! Shame on u Carlito!!! Well if u dont want to respect the fan who keep chanting yer name till we found out recently u are rejecting us then please spare yer respect to the gaffer at least. he is the best football manager walking on earth ever seen.. read this Carlito.. really hope u do u shitty blues greedy little argie...
so please do me a favour...... piss off!!!

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