Isnin, 29 Jun 2009

Perlis 0 - Selangor 0 | 27 June | MSL match 21

Selangor keep 2 point lead at the summit

Selangor maintain their position as a league leader after a goalless drew at Kangar in the clash of the top table match yesterday. With the season coming to the end with just 5 matches left Selangor now has 48 pts, 2 pts ahead of Perlis in second place with 46 pts.

Match Hilight here:


Selangor 4 - Johor FC 1 | 24 June | MSL match 20


Jengking crashed by The Red Giants

Selangor run 'amuk' at Shah Alam to move back to the top of the league table after trashing Johor FC 4-1. The 2009 FA Cup champions took the lead through an own goal by the visitor defender M. Sivakumar on the 12 minute after deflected R.Surendren shot into his own net. Eddy Helmi Manan leveled the match on 40 minute on the spot kick after Nasriq Baharom fouled Faris Ideris in the area. Selangor then restored the lead on the 48 minute once again by an own goal by Syafuan Riduwan. It was really a R.Surendren night after he scored a double in 3 minute on 67th and 70th minute to ensured Selangor back to the top spot.

Match Hilight here:

Match report in Bahasa Melayu here


Negri sembilan 1 - Selangor 1 | 20 June | MSL match 19

Amri battled against N.Sembilan defender

The Red Giants held by Negri Sembilan at Paroi

Selangor failed maintain the top spot of Super League after been held 1-1 by Negri Sembilan at Paroi. Perlis who managed to secured a valueable 3 points has moved to the top spot. It was the home team first stun the Klang Valley Giants through Shahurain Abu Samah in the 46th after taped in from a rebound into the empty net. Selangor have to wait until 64 minute to level the game through Amri Yahyah. The skipper brilliant shot from a difficult angle after recieved perfect through ball from the striker Safee Sali.

Here is the match hilight :


Khamis, 18 Jun 2009

Check this out!!! A Malaysian Wonderkid

Hey i just found this little Malaysian who was born in US. His father is Malaysian.. could this little fella be our new SuperMokh??? Well I hope so...

Name: Wan Kuzain Wan Kamal
Date of Birth: September 14, 1998 Football (soccer) wonder kid. Possesses great skills, passing, and speed. Loves the game. Looking to have a future in the game. Plays in the United States. Is feared by all he plays. Well known football (soccer) star in the Midwest of the United States.

Check this video of his..


Perak 0 Selangor 1

(R. Surendran score against his former club)

Seladang beaten by the giant at home

Ipoh - 16 June : Selangor maintain their lead at the summit of TM Super league after collect another 3 valuable points in Ipoh. The Red giants was made to wait until the second half after former Perak's player R.Surendran slotted past home goal keeper in the 49 minutes.

Here is the match highlight...


Rabu, 17 Jun 2009

Ji Sung Earn S.Korea a point in Seoul

(image from

S. Korea 1 - R.I.Iran 1

S. Korea skipper scored in 81 minute to keep his country unbeaten record in World Cup 2010 Asia Qualifier in Seoul today. The Man United winger was also in the score sheet before when the two side met in February early this year. The match ended also 1-1 draw. Full report click here.

Park Ji Sung late equalizer in Seoul


Isnin, 15 Jun 2009

80 million?? Thank U very much Real Madrid.....

(alo lo lo..nak men Madrid ye..cian die..hah pegi lah ko..hahaha - click here for surprise )

Thank You Ronaldo....

errmm arini aku nak post dlm base melayu..hehe pasalnye aku nak membebel panjang2 hehehe...lg pon aku tak bape nak ade mood nak posting bile aku bukak je web2 berite sukan kegemaran aku, ade je cite pasal "Cristiannooo RRRonallldoo" naik bebulu lak mate aku.. so aku pakse2 la jugak menaip nih.. first skali aku rase kebanyakan Man Utd hardcore da jangka no 7 ni akan blah pg Madrid.. cume yg org tak berapa nak jangka secepat nih die akan blah..

tp aku rasa ape yg buat ramai die hard Man Utd bengang tu..sikap die yg mcm memperkotak katikkan sokongan peminat2 n penyokong2 Man Utd.. aku rase sejak 2 tahun kebelakangan ni lepas Real Madrid start dok ngorat2 mamat no 7 ni.. die da start pasang niat nak blah.. nasib Sir Alex bleh lagi pujuk die tahun lepas.. tp kalo kite tgk season ni perfomance die tak sehebat season seblum tu yg die score 42 bijik gol tu la...mungkin pikiran die dah terawang awangan nak pg men Madrid..

tp ape yg buleh aku nak bangsatkan die nih.. sikap main tarik tali die.. bile press tanye pasal madrid die akan jawap dgn kondifennye "mase depan sy dengan kelab ni (Man Utd)" , "sy gembira di sini (Man Utd) dan nak menang byk lg cup di masa depan" lebih kurang camtu la aku trenslet... bukan sekali due.. da berkali2 dah... lebih kurang 9 kali (baca sini)... sikap die yg ni la buat aku rase menyampah sgt2 tu.. sikap yg tak respek (bace sini) dgn kelab dan org2 sekeliling yg byk tolong die sampai ke tahap yg die capai skang...

walau ape pon pd aku mamat no 7 ni aku harap akan tetap kekal dlm ingatan kite sebagai seorg yg ade bakti pd team.. walaupon die nih kdg2 agak "jual ikan", 2-3 tahun kebelakangan ni byk gol2 penting yg die score.. 3 EPL champs, 1 champions league, 1 FA cup, 2 Carling cup, 1 FIFA club world cup... ape pon selamat maju jaya la ko kat Madrid tu yeh... tp tipu sgt la kan kalo aku nak die berjaya dgn cemerlang dr die kat Man Utd kan.. hehe.. asal buleh main leklok da la kat sne tu.. hahaha bio die menyesal sket.. hahaha.. okek lah.. aku da ngantuk.. ni bwh ni aku post jgk la video goal die season 07/08.. enjoy...


Khamis, 11 Jun 2009

England maintain 100% record...

1 - 0.... Wayne Rooney headed home first goal of the match

Rooney's brace in the first half help England 6-0 win at Wembley

Rooney got the ball rolling inside the first five minutes when he headed home Glen Johnson's cross from the right.

England were made to wait for the second but it duly arrived when Theo Walcott cut the ball back for Lampard to pass home before Rooney collected his 10th England goal of season when he comprehensively volleyed Johnson's cross into the back of the net. (full report here)

Rooney 1st

Rooney 2nd


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Selasa, 9 Jun 2009

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Ahad, 7 Jun 2009

Rooney on target as The Three Lions smashed 4 over Kazakhstan

Eat this... Rooney with a spectacular scissor-kick last night against Kazakhstan (Skysports)

Rooney, quiet by his standards for much of the night, attempted to get his name on the scoresheet with a delicate lob on 71 minutes, but saw that effort fail to trouble the Kazakh keeper.

The Manchester United man was not to be denied, though, and three minutes later he found the target with a spectacular scissor-kick after Moki had superbly beaten away his first effort.
(full report here)


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Sabtu, 6 Jun 2009

18 reasons why we won the 18th championships...(Reason #6)

A Wake up Call!!!

Sometime in our life we need a wake up call to remind us that nothing if so perfect in life so do in football.. some time when doin really well in the league people start saying that we're unbeatable, untouchable, and even say all done the title is ours...but remember everything is possible in football u cant just be pleased on what u have been archived u need to be more hunger to win. Football can be so unpredictable some time.. I remember that we have lost the title in the very last fixtures of the season 15 years ago. So a back to back lost this season ( 1-4 aginst the fools and 1-2 at Fulham) was a perfect time to boost back our winning mentality. Imagine what would happen if those two results came in the end of season..would we ever got time to catch back?? ... anyway lets forget that 1-4 lost at home against the fools...because at the end of the day we're the champions yet again..are ya watching merseysiders??? 18times and that the fact!!!! so who has the last laugh eh?? hahahahahaah...

For infomation about UNITED rivalry with The here

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Jumaat, 5 Jun 2009

18 reasons why we won the 18th championships...(Reason #5)

The Old Trafford Factor

The fact we only drop 7pts all season at Old Trafford (drew 1-1 Newcastle, lost 1-4 Liverfools, drew 0-0 Arsengal) was 1 of major reason why we won the championships yet again. While Liverfools take stock of where it all went wrong they’ll probably point to the number of points dropped at Anfield (12 prior to the final day). I think they should play away from Anfield next season to won the league.. hehehe.. Youll always walk alone Rafa..


18 reasons why we won the 18th championships...(Reason #4)

1334 minutes without conceding!!!

its 14 and half games in row between 8th November and 18th February..a new British record for not conceding a goal in the league...the fact is u cant win the games if u let the oppositions score more goal than u...but the best thing is we stop them from score even a half goal past Van der Saar..hehehe..


Khamis, 4 Jun 2009

New shirts next season..last season to wear with AIG

well its not comfirm yet..but its has been spread all over the net this design.. UNITED yesterday has announced a new 4 years sponsorship deal with Aon starting season 10/11. so the Aon will replace the AIG logo on the shirt on the 10/11 season. Full story click here.

Aon logo


Rabu, 3 Jun 2009

Who said Islam is the religion of terrorist??!!

Alhamdulillah... :)

NEW YORK (CNN) -- A potential victim became a compassionate counselor during a recent robbery attempt, changing the would-be criminal's mind -- and apparently his religion.
Surveillance video shows storekeeper Mohammad Sohail holding a robber at bay with a shotgun.

Surveillance video shows storekeeper Mohammad Sohail holding a robber at bay with a shotgun.

Storekeeper Mohammad Sohail was closing up his Long Island convenience store just after midnight on May 21 when -- as shown on the store's surveillance video -- a man came in wielding a baseball bat and demanding money.

"He said, 'Hurry up and give me the money, give me the money!' and I said, 'Hold on'," Sohail recalled in a phone interview with CNN on Tuesday, after the store video and his story was carried on local TV.

Sohail said he reached under the counter, grabbed his gun and told the robber to drop the bat and get down on his knees.

"He's crying like a baby," Sohail said. "He says, 'Don't call police, don't shoot me, I have no money, I have no food in my house.' "

Amidst the man's apologies and pleas, Sohail said he felt a surge of compassion.

He made the man promise never to rob anyone again and when he agreed, Sohail gave him $40 and a loaf of bread.

"When he gets $40, he's very impressed, he says, 'I want to be a Muslim just like you,' " Sohail said, adding he had the would-be criminal recite an Islamic oath.

"I said 'Congratulations. You are now a Muslim and your name is Nawaz Sharif Zardari.'"

When asked why he chose the hybrid of two Pakistani presidents' names, the Pakistani immigrant laughed and said he had been watching a South Asian news channel moments before the confrontation.

Sohail said the man fled the store when he turned away to get the man some free milk.

He said police might still be looking for the suspect but he doesn't intend to press charges.

"The guy, you know, everybody has a hard time right now, it's too bad for everybody right now in this economy," said the storekeeper.

*taken from here.


18 reasons why we won the 18th championships...(Reason #3)

(Vida put one past Cech - image from

The Serbian mean machines!!!

Vidic sensational performance all season.. no doubt about it.. he build a great wall of china in the defense line as well scored a couple of much important goal. A late winner against Sunderland at Old Trafford.. the opener in 3-0 win against Childsea heheh.. what a perfomer.. one of costant members of record breaker cleansheet run.. has been awarded Barclays Player of season recently in addition of a double UNITED player of season award..Of course, he’ll want to forget Liverfool’s opening goal at OT, but that mistake merely proved he’s human after all..


18 reasons why we won the 18th championships...(Reason #2)

(Kiko shot past Luke Young - image from mirror)
Macheda announce his arrival with style..

the second reason why we won the league is this new boy 17 years old Fedrico Macheda who join us from S.S Lazio on Sept 2007 as junior. He made a debut with stunning goal on the perfect time as UNITED came from 2-1 down to won the match 3-2 against Villa. Then a week later he came out from the bench to score a winner as UNITED won 2-1 against Ricky Sbragia side Sunderland. That 2 goals of his proved vitals as it turn from a draw to a win and brought us extra 4 points. Magnifico Kiko!!!

Kiko stunner against villa..

Kiko winner against Sunderland


Isnin, 1 Jun 2009

18 reasons why we won the 18th championships...(Reason #1)

(Record...Ryan Giggs: 11th Premierships titles)

Ryan Giggs.. yes its Giggsy.. the new revolution of Giggsy one of the key reason why we won the league this year.. having played as a winger (well probably the best ever left winger in modern era) for most time in his career, Fergei then start to deployed him as a central midfielder..and he did a brilliant job in that position for the past 2 seasons. With his cool head and the ability to pick a perfect pass has done untold damage to opposition defences. He’s been inspirational in the centre of midfield this term around to been awarded PFA Player of the Year early last month by his fellow professional player. Some says he is not a player of season..but a player of SEASONS. Thanks Giggsy.


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