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UNITED vs Birmingham | Barclays Premier League | 16 aug 09

Rooney celebrates the opener at Old Trafford against Birm (images from SKY Sports)

The Reds begin the quest of the 19th league titles with a bright starts

Rooney open his scoring account on the opening day of the season to help UNITED defeated the resistant Alex Mcleish's side 1-0 at Old Trafford today. Wayne Rooney who has been tipped as UNITED saviour
this season did enough to tapped the ball into the back off the net followed up his own header onto the post on the 34 minute.
Hilight of the match:
First Half

Second Half

SAF post match interview

Well as the new season kick off yesterday The Home of The Two Reds take a look how our rivals doin in thier opening day..

Everton 1 - Arsengal 6 (pretty impressive for the Wenger's boy)
Blackburn 0 - Shitty 2 (Adebayor scored on his debut for Shitty)
Villain 0 - Wigan 2 ( A set back for the villain early in the season)
Portsmouth 0 - Fulham 1 ( Fulham continiued thier best form from end of last season)
Stoke 2- Burnley 0 ( to remind the newly promoted team how hard to play in the BPL)
Chelseal 2 - Hull 1 ( another last minute drama )
Wolves 0 - West Ham 2 ( BPL is really a tough league)
Bolton 0 - Sunderland 1 (good start for Brucey's side)
Spurs 2 - Liverfools 1 ( they said this is a year for them.. hmmm)

Well even though some good result from the Shitty and Arsengal.. or a misserable perfomanced from the "TITLE" contender (remember this is thiers year :p ) its still early to say whos year this is and its still early to write off the fools..but 1 thing for sure.. the Champion will be the team who perfoming consistantly throughout the season which is what we've been doin for the past 3 seasons... Bring it on!!! Lets make it 19 this year.

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