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Neville mungkin bersara....

Salamz to all my mancunian frens.. well ok gossip terhangat arini ialah pasal hencik kapten kita iaitu hencik Gary Neville a.k.a "Mr. UNITED"... rata2 news di internet dan newspaper di England dok sebok bergossip pasal Neville.. Skysports melaporkan Neville tak akan di sambung kontrak beliau yg akan tamat di penghujung season nih... semua gara2 persembahan "ala kadar" yg ditunjukkan ketika kekalahan mengejut di saingan FA CUP minggu lepas. gossip ni di perkuatkan lg apabila 2 OTAI UNITED yg lain (Scholes n Giggsy) telah pon dijamin akan menyambung kontrak mereka setahun lagi manakala Neville pula masih tiada perbincangan.. bagi mengulas spekulasi ini The Boss telah mengeluarkan kenyataan seperti berikut..

"There has not been a decision about Gary Neville.

"Why make a decision about his future when we don't need to? You don't make decisions like that in the middle of the season.

"It is a load of nonsense." - S.A.F

dalam berita the times online pula menyebut Neville akan memulakan perbincangan dgn club di akhir bulan ini mengenai masa depan beliau bersama UNITED.

apa2 pn aku sebagai UNITED fan mengharapkan keputusan yg terbaik dpt di capai di kedua2 pihak.. andainye Neville tak di sambung kontrak sebagai pemain.. kalo boleh workout lah something utk Neville kekal kat UNITED sebagai coach ke kan... bukan apa.. Neville dah bg komitmen die kat Club 17 tahun.. cuma 2-3 tahun kebelakangan ni je asik injured kan.. bak kate hencik Scholes :

"It is obvious Gary has had his injury problems but when he is fit there is no better right-back," said Scholes.

"I don't see why he shouldn't stay for another year.

"When he is fit he is still the best right-back in England.

"Hopefully he can prove his fitness and that will bode well for us."

Lg pon aku rase Neville da tunjukkan yg die sygkan UNITED same mcm Fans UNITED jgk.. buktinye ble awal season aritu bile die celebrate goal kemenangan Owen lwn Shitty (4-3 mate!!!) sampai kene sound ngan F.A . aku rase ni da kali ke 2 Neville kene camtu satu lg yg aku igt mase O'shea score goal kemenangan last minute kat Anfield lwn Fools. So kalo da die celebrate goal same mcm fan2 celebrete..walhal die tak main pon mase tu kan(shitty game die tak main)..nampak no la die punye passion kat UNITED same mcm kite2. Personal view aku.. Neville masih banyak lg yg die boleh offer kat UNITED terutama skali utk membimbing generasi2 muda UNITED mcm si kembor Brazil tu..byk pengalaman yg dorg bleh cedok dr Mr. UNITED nih.. so Come on UNITED..give him another year.. lets him graduate with Scholey n Giggsy...


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