Rabu, 3 Jun 2009

18 reasons why we won the 18th championships...(Reason #2)

(Kiko shot past Luke Young - image from mirror)
Macheda announce his arrival with style..

the second reason why we won the league is this new boy 17 years old Fedrico Macheda who join us from S.S Lazio on Sept 2007 as junior. He made a debut with stunning goal on the perfect time as UNITED came from 2-1 down to won the match 3-2 against Villa. Then a week later he came out from the bench to score a winner as UNITED won 2-1 against Ricky Sbragia side Sunderland. That 2 goals of his proved vitals as it turn from a draw to a win and brought us extra 4 points. Magnifico Kiko!!!

Kiko stunner against villa..

Kiko winner against Sunderland

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