Sabtu, 6 Jun 2009

18 reasons why we won the 18th championships...(Reason #6)

A Wake up Call!!!

Sometime in our life we need a wake up call to remind us that nothing if so perfect in life so do in football.. some time when doin really well in the league people start saying that we're unbeatable, untouchable, and even say all done the title is ours...but remember everything is possible in football u cant just be pleased on what u have been archived u need to be more hunger to win. Football can be so unpredictable some time.. I remember that we have lost the title in the very last fixtures of the season 15 years ago. So a back to back lost this season ( 1-4 aginst the fools and 1-2 at Fulham) was a perfect time to boost back our winning mentality. Imagine what would happen if those two results came in the end of season..would we ever got time to catch back?? ... anyway lets forget that 1-4 lost at home against the fools...because at the end of the day we're the champions yet again..are ya watching merseysiders??? 18times and that the fact!!!! so who has the last laugh eh?? hahahahahaah...

For infomation about UNITED rivalry with The here

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