Sabtu, 2 Mei 2009 hurts...

well..yesterday was the opening day of KARISMA 09. A two days of sports carnival for Malaysian Students Societies here in Jordan. Almost 75% Malaysian around Jordan are participating on various sports discipline such as football, badminton, table tennis, volleyball. The athletes are divided from 4 different counties which is Mu,tah (this year host), Irbid (previous year host), Mafraq, and Amman. i was selected to be part of Mu'tah football and we were drawn into group B of two groups league competition which winner and runner-up each group will qualify for the semis.
So we start the game on 0845 against 1 of the tournament favorite Mafraq. And they proved too stronger as they trashed my Mu'tah young team 5-1. It was an early gifted 2 goals that ripped away our teams spirit. The match also seen the penalty that never was took by Mamin (Mu'tah but imported by Mafraq) saved by our keeper Wan.
Second match we played against the "AMMAN" selected by Sarawak team. They held another giant of the tournament, Irbid 0-0 on their first game. We won this match 2-0 as my younger and spirited Mu'tah B team fought hardly to deserved the win. Two first half strikes from Ap to shot down the flying "Enggang" down to earth. This match also was the end of my contribution to Mu'tah B team as i was badly injured my left knee...arrrgghhh it really hurt.
The 3rd match was against the group leader Irbid. Credit to our goal keeper in this match Wan who played brilliantly throughout the match. The match ended with 1-1 draw.
So we have to wait the result of Mafraq vs Amman to know if we can qualify for the semis. But the Amman team have make the shocked result by came from a goal down to won the match 4-1. So its ended for my young an inexperience team journey with an early exit from the tournament. But 1 thing for sure this young and talented team will be back next year to be a winner insyaallah. There's still a plenty of time for the likes of Fik, Lah (the best perfomer), Jemey, Ap, Mamat, Arip and co to be shine next season. Well good luck fellas. The group table end like this:

Team |P|W|L|D|G|A|-/+|P
Irbid 3 1 0 2 3 1 +2 5
Amm 3 1 1 1 4 3 +1 4
Mutah 3 1 1 1 4 6 -2 4
Mafraq 3 1 2 0 6 7 -1 3

Thanks for reading.

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