Khamis, 28 Mei 2009

So closed yet too far...We'll be back next year.....

Barca player form a guard of honour as UNITED picked up the runner up medal (image SKYsports)

arrgghhh..thats all i can say after the end of final champo league match an hour ago. We start the game brilliantly and looked so confident in the first 10 minute after the start. but then with Barca 1st attempt to the goal and scored in the trough Eto'o on 10th minute everything just changed with the blinked of eyes. The second goal from Messi just kill of the games as UNITED struggle to find thier rythm to get back into the games. It could be a different story should Park Ji Sung had scored from a rebound Ronaldo freekick on the 3rd minute. Our midfield was completely outclassed by Barca trio (Iniesta, Xavi, Messi).I think Fletcher was clearly our missing link in that area. Carrick,Ando and Giggsy failed to hold the possession and looked messy. Im not saying that they cant play together..ermm let just's just not our night and we lost to a better team of the night.Anyway i dont want to comment more on this another bitter night for UNITED. Above of all it just another football match between 2 clubs of their own class. So congratz to all Barca fan esp Jack from the lanun gangs, Hazimin of MB Halal, and Ajib gomoks..and cek peruz who was laughing at me all nite hahah.
And for UNITED we were just not good enough as we were..and well be back next season. Well done UNITED.

Here is the match highlight.

Hold on..there is some good news for UNITED to cheers on.. Sir Alex Ferguson and Nemanja Vidic was awarded Barclays Premier League Manager and Player of the year. Well at least we are still the best of the best league in the world. Cheers :)

UNITED duo awarded the best of Barclays Premier League of our owns (images SKYsports)

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