Sabtu, 16 Mei 2009


heeheheheh nothing much to say.. just We Are The Champ11ons once again.. this time we won it at Old Trafford.. yes.. 11th Premier league champions.. 18th top flight division champions which is equal The Kop's record.. well done.. on the fine lunch time kick off at Old Trafford UNITED must get at least 1 point from Arsenal. Not much piece of football in this more important match than the londoners for UNITED. Hate to say but it was the Gunners center half pair who got the match into thier own way as they keep UNITED attacking forces at bay for the much of the games. With Tevez failed to scored the only half chance he got..Wayne Rooney saw his headed wide..and Ronaldo blast his freekick off target..the only clear chance to score a goal was from Cesc Fabregas in the dying minute only to hit the post after was diverted by heroic touch from Van Der Sar.

Here is the match hilight

And the celebration.. champion..champion.. champion..

Link: Man Utd - Premier League Champions 2009

And the trophy presentation...

For full match download here:

Language : English

Type : x264

BT Download :

1st half

2nd half & celebration

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