Rabu, 6 Mei 2009

Sympathize to Fletcher......

Well its a mixed feeling in UNITED camp last night and i'm sure all UNITED fans around the world will feel the same. Yes we were in jubilant mood bcos we secured back to back final champo league. But for one of our heroes last night will be really disapoited and he is our number 24 midfield anchor Darren Fletcher. UEFA disciplinary committees today has just confirm that UNITED cant revert the red card decision against Fletcher. This mean he will be a spectators of final in Rome.He hold the midfield area with Ando and Carrick so tightly that Mr. Wenger boys couldn't break our defense and the same time he still can make late run into the box to joint the attacking force.What a shame to lose 1 of brilliant performer of the night with a harsh decision from Roberto Rosetti. Replays show the ball went a different way when the tacked was made. Thats mean he got the ball first before Cesc going down.But anyway the reff who has a last words and even Fergie cant turn around the decision.Here some of his team mate had to say about him...

"He's (Fletcher) disappointed and he should be disappointed. He's one of the most honest players in the game and to miss the final, it's a tragedy. He was distraught. (Fergie)

"It is a massive game to miss out on. I think over the last two seasons he has been brilliant for us and if anyone deserves to be there and play it is him."

"I am so sorry for Darren Fletcher," said Evra. "The real big bad news about all this is Darren not being able to play in Rome.".."I am very, very frustrated and disappointed for him and his family. I played with a lot of pain in my stomach worrying about missing the final."

"I thought it was harsh to be honest,"..."In that situation he seems to have got the ball. I was behind him and the ball changed direction."In this situation, the semi-final of the Champions League, the possibility of missing a final it's not fair really."

"I am tremendously disappointed for Darren,"
"He has played in most of the games and now he cannot play in the final. He deserves to - but that is football."

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